Thursday, July 9, 2009

Life & its Lil Adventures

I have learned in my 46 yrs on this planet, that Life is One heck of an Adventure.
No one knows what it will bring us, but its how we deal with its ups and downs that make us who we are today.

I know I have had many ups and downs just like anyone. Life sure can be tough, but no on ever said it would be easy. I find that if you SMILE everyday (whether you want to or not) It helps to turn a bad day around. Thats why one of my favorite things to say is " Smile at those you pass each day, it just might be the Smile they needed to get through their day".

Yes, you may have had a bad day, but someone else's may have been worse.
Survival is the Key word, and Attitude. Usually a positive attitude can help you accomplish alot more in your day, then a negative one. Don't you agree? Maybe that is why there is the saying "Kill them with Kindness". Doesn't a Smile or Kindness go a long way? I think it does.

Oh I have my days, just like anyone else. After all, "No one is Perfect".

For instance, I was just recently laid off work 2 weeks ago as an Administrative Asst/Receptionist. I did 21 different jobs with in the company, which was a part of the auto industry. No matter how good you are, the economy can still change all that. So many people have lost their job, and the fat cats in big corporations are taking big bonuses (I will not name names). Its us little people who are suffering and trying to make ends meet, then you get laid off and lose another 15% of your income, because unemployment benefits are still something, but not enough for alot of us to survive on.

But anyways, I was laid off, and I was tweeting on Twitter ( and joking about it, yes I said joking about it... I said, "well I got laid off today (June 22) and I guess when one door closes another one opens... Do I get to pick which door this time? I want the Green Door please." (as in Money door..LOL). Well an associate producer from the Today show (yes thats right the Today show) saw my tweets about getting laid off and being upbeat about it, after all, what was I gonna do say, NO you can't lay me off, I refuse...LOL. So I get a message asking me if he could email me, so I say sure. Well I'm no dummy, I googled all the info, persons name, email address, etc. And low and behold it really is an associate producer from the Today Show. His question was they were doing a segmant on June 24, 2009 about the AIG big wigs getting bonuses, while us lil people were losing our jobs and could they come out an interview me about my thoughts. So I said sure, and they were in my home the next day, did interview, it aired on Wed June 24, 2009. So I say, Chalk one up for attitude. I was told I had a great attitude and did a wonderful job. I did not bad talk my former employer, what good would that do. I loved the work I did, I love working with people.

So since my lay-off, I have gone back to helping others via Twitter. Its Great, I Love it!!!!

My youngest son James Taylor Jr ( who is 23 and a singer song writer and overall talented young man, now is on twitter and my oldest child my daughter Cynthia ( who is 27, married and a singer and very beautiful talented young lady also joined. So if you Twitter, please follow us and many more I will list as I go.

So continuing: I have met some really terrific People via Twitter, Amazing People actually, who believe in alot of causes and helping others as I do. What a Marvelous world we live in and so many Wonderful People. If they have a cause or charity that is in need of getting out there, I RT (Re-tweet) it for them many times through out the day. So many Great People ... such as...

1. Kathy Ireland ( for her & Elizabeth Taylor's ( Cause A Support for The Alliance for Christian Education nondenominational organization. A Great Cause to Support.

2. Karen Maunu ( from Love without Boundaries A Wonderful Woman who helps Children from China get the needed surgeries to fix clefts, this most loving & compassionate nonprofit organization is helping and changing the lives of orphaned and impoverished children in China.

3. Lee Hiller New "Love Advice Column" starts this wknd in ( ( Who is Such a Wonderful Loving and Compassionate Woman, its such an Honor to Know her, as she has helped so Many. She is a Talented Writer and overall, Beauitufl person. Also she is a Great Designer too and

4. Rick London ( Rick is one of the first person's I met off Twitter, he is such a Talented Cartoonist and designer. Charitible Causes, Designer, SEO Professional PenAndInkInc, Writer Founder LT Cartoons Google #1 rank . A very Loving individual who introduced me to his Finace Lee Hiller above. What a Great Team these 2 are.

5. Rich Bassett ( What can I say, I love all that he does, what a Wonderful caring person. Dedicated to the philanthropic work of Dame Elizabeth Taylor. HIV/AIDS/ Addiction/Crisis Intervention Counselor, Homeless Advocate, Humanitarian, Activist. Involved in many wonderful causes such as The Elizibeth Taylor Aids Foundation Plus so many other causes, you need to visit his twitter. What a Truly giving man, and I hope to meet him one day in person. He touches my heart with his compassion.

6. Jeff Chancellor ( whose firm is working hard to develop new methods in cancer therapy & research and has started the Cancer Warriors on Twitter. What an Amazing man.

Well folks, It is time for me to sign off for now. But Please if you get a chance to visit the people and causes I have mentioned. Please tell them I sent you.

Wishing Everyone Love, Laughter and Happiness.

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