Friday, August 14, 2009

As Life Rolls on...

Its been a while since I blogged. Been quite busy since I got laid off work, and I wonder how I ever found the time to actually work when I was employed, lol. Now if I could just find a job working online, now that would be AWESOME. As you all know I am quite handy on the computer and sure have become a Twittering pro, lol. I have earned the Title RT (retweet for non tweeters) Queen! I will RT like a wild woman for Good Causes and Charities.

Since my last blog (or first blog so to speak) I joined the volunteers of Love Without Boundaries as their twitter coordinator for A most loving & compassionate nonprofit organization that helps & changes the lives of orphaned and impoverished children in China in so many ways. Visit to learn more. I am Blessed to have met so many wonderful people who are ALL Volunteers for this cause.

I have realized that Life is my Playground, and I am enjoying the ride on its ever spinning adventures. As I write this I am preparing for my vacation, ok yes I am on a long term vacation with being laid off, but I am going to enjoy a real vacation with family & friends.

I just wanted to share the Love I have for so many wonderful people, who do so many Terrific things from Charities, Childrens Causes/Needs, Worldwide Causes and just over-all Talented Loving, Caring Beautiful People, that mean the World to ME!

There are so Many Wonderful People in my Life that I am Blessed with, just to name a few.

My Family Members:

My youngest son James Taylor Jr ( who is 23 and a singer song writer and overall talented young man, now is on twitter & my oldest child my daughter Cynthia ( who is 27, married to Kevin and a singer and very beautiful talented young lady also joined. So if you are on Twitter, please follow us and many more I will list as I go.

My oldest son Walter is not a computer person, and so is not on Twitter, but is someone very important part of my life. Plus his 3 children who are all a Blessing to me!

Then there are those whom have Become a Big part of My Family:

1. Kathy Ireland ( for her & Elizabeth Taylor's ( Cause A Support for The Alliance for Christian Education nondenominational organization. A Great Cause to Support.

2. Karen Maunu ( from Love without Boundaries A Wonderful Woman who helps Children from China get the needed surgeries to fix clefts & much more, this most loving & compassionate nonprofit organization is helping and changing the lives of orphaned and impoverished children in China. PLZ visit the gift shop that 100% goes to help LWB a site created by Rick London for Love Without Boundaries.

3. Lee Hiller - New "Love Advice Column" ( ( Who is Such a Wonderful Loving and Compassionate Woman, its such an Honor to Know her, as she has helped so Many. She is a Talented Writer and overall, Beautiful Woman whom I adore. She is engaged to a Terrific Man Rick London who is next on my list. She is also a Great Designer too - Please visit her site. You'll love it!

4. Rick London ( Rick is one of the first person's I met off Twitter, he is such a Talented Cartoonist and designer. Charitible Causes, Designer, SEO Professional PenAndInkInc, Writer Founder LT Cartoons Google #1 rank . A very Loving individual who introduced me to his Fiance Lee Hiller above. What a Great Team these 2 are.

5. Rich Bassett ( What can I say, I love all that he does, what a Wonderful caring person. Dedicated to the philanthropic work of Dame Elizabeth Taylor. HIV/AIDS/ Addiction/Crisis Intervention Counselor, Homeless Advocate, Humanitarian, Activist. Involved in many wonderful causes such as The Elizibeth Taylor Aids Foundation Plus so many other causes, you need to visit his twitter. What a Truly giving man, and I hope to meet him one day in person. He touches my heart with his compassion.

6. Jeff Chancellor ( whose firm is working hard to develop new methods in cancer therapy & research and has started the Cancer Warriors on Twitter. What an Amazing man.

7. Andre Carthen ( who does ACafe where you always know what's cooking a Kathy Ireland Worldwide Design Ambassador - An overall Wonderful Loving and tasty person (yes pun intended,lol), he will leave your mouth watering for more.

8. Kevin DeSoto ( who is Creative, Social, Inventive, Determined Branding Strategist & Consultant. Love to travel, help people and business owners. His work is amazing - Go See some of his work at ( What a Talent that so many could use.

9. Shire ( A Loving, Caring, Sharing woman. A Lifelong Learner. Support LWB and @BCCF NonProfits Her quote: Admire those who never give up. ♥No one has ever become poor by giving.♥~ Anne Frank - She teaches us all unconditional love for one another is so important. She Rocks!

10. Marianne Baird ( She is a Writer, sometime actress with such a giving heart and always a kind word. She gives everyone her full attention and I for one love her to pieces.

11. Pamela Glasner ( She is a Talented Author of the dark historic fantasy “Finding Emmaus” : Empaths, Mentally-ill and a pharmaceutical industry gone out of control; due in bookstores Oct 1st ‘09
What a very gifted and Loving woman, whom I have gotten to know and love her as Family. PLZ go order her book, you will not regret it. AN AMAZING LADY!

12. Nicholas Walker ( Who does celebrating garden inspirations and the outdoor living experience at Such a Warm Caring Individual who speaks the most loving words for all. What a Talented Man.

13. Mariel Hemingway ( Who is living well through organic food, breath movement and sacred space and being a regular person who is negotiating a crazy world , Wonderful Cookbooks that Inspire us to eat Better and Live Well - Visit to learn more.

14. Del Williams ( A Wonderful Freelance Writer and Video Producer. Who loves to create stuff that attempts to inspire people. What an Inspiring woman she is. Visit her website to learn more She will keep you Inspired with her knowledge and wit.

Well everyone, that is all I have time for, after all it is my vacation time, and I am sure looking forward to enjoying my family & friends, plus my travels. I will be taking lots of photo and sharing on my twitter as I go. I know it will be AWESOME.

I Love you all dearly and I wish I could list everyone of my Friends that I so enjoy conversing with each day, but it would fill pages and pages. You all know who you are and how much I love you. My Heart is yours!

Until next time, Many your Lives be filled with Love, Laughter, Sunshine, Happiness, and Blessings in Abundance.

Thank you for being my Friends and most of all for becoming a part of my Family & for helping me show others that TOGETHER so much more can be accomplished in Helping others!