Monday, October 19, 2009

Life's Playground

It has been a while since I wrote a new blog, so here I am.

First off, My mom has been in the hospital for 8 weeks. She is a feisty 84yr old who has cancer but tries not to let it slow her down. She got an infection in her legs & feet that look something like the flesh eating disease. She had to be placed on strong IV antibiotics until the infection is gone, plus regular cleaning & care of her feet & legs. There is not alot that we can do, just hope the infection does not come back (this is the 2nd time in a year). But with her immune system the way it is due to the 3 forms of cancer she is fighting, she has come a long ways in the last 3yrs of fighting this. She refuses anymore treatments as its throughout most of her body, but she also will not give up.

As a Cancer survivor myself of 10 yrs and watching my father die from cancer when I was 14 yrs old. Well I know she is a fighter & survivor as well. But Please I ask if everyone would keep her in your prayers. I plan to head back to San Diego at the end of November.

I have been quite busy with twitter & facebook helping post information for Love Without Boundaries charity of which I am the Volunteer Twitter Coordinator & work to help spread the word on all the needs of so many wonderful children. LWB provides the most loving and compassionate help possible to orphaned and impoverished children in China. We provide humanitarian aid in five key areas - Education, Foster Care, Healing Homes, Medical, and Orphanage Assistance. To visit LWB & learn more:

Two wonderful women of Love Without Boundaries:

Amy Eldridge who is Executive Director of Love Without Boundaries. She is a mom of seven beautiful children & is passionate about adoption. Amy strives to live a life of total kindness. She is a very Loving & Beautiful Woman who is one of the Kindest women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Karen Maunu is the Full-time volunteer Associate Executive Director of Love Without Boundaries and mom to five wonderful children. Karen is so Awesome. I enjoy our regular phone chats & hearing of the new children who have been helped through the many programs LWB provides. She is one of the Most Amazing Women I have ever known, her work & dedication is extrordinary.

I also try to support a number of other charities & post information about them on Twitter & Facebook.

Kathy Ireland who helps find solutions for families, especially busy moms & one of her charities Alliance for Christian Education that is a non-sectarian 501c3 charity that helps all kids get superb education. How wonderful is that!! So please take the time to visit its site & help if you are able. What a Worthy cause.

To Learn more:

Plus please visit Kathy's site for so many solutions to everyday living! Such Great tips & ideas to make life easier. From Nicholas Walker's Outdoor Solutions and Inspirations... to Chef Andre Carthen's acafe Entertaining Solutions & candles that I have given as Gifts. Oh they smell so good they are now sold at Walgreens. So don't forget to go pick yours up too.

Another wonderful person I love helping promote:
Mariel Hemingway who loves living well through organic food, breath movement and sacred space & being a regular person negotiating a crazy world. But then again, aren't we all. LOL. Mariel has a great cookbook out there called Mariel's Kitchen & has some really wonderful recipes.

So go visit her site & check out all she has to offer:

Another Terrific Person:
Lydia Cornell who is a Radio host, a writer, a comedienne, mom, wife, & activist. She is an amazing & talented, a very loving woman with a terrific heart of gold.
Her Radio show is very informative and discuss current hot button topics in an open and thought provoking forum. Visit her site & follow the link to listen to her show that is on weekdays out of Las Vegas. I would love to go on there & talk about the charities I support & how Twitter & facebook helps in getting information out there to the public. Now that would be awesome.

And a Cause so Dear to my heart & family:
Jeff Chancellor who is President & CEO of the Cancer Warrior Coalition. Who is working to build a cancer therapy and research center in Texas. What a wonderful company helping so many in the fight against cancer.

Please visit its site to learn more:

Another Great Cause is More4kids which is a Parenting resource dedicated to helping encourage children's intellectual and growth. Become a More4Kids Sponsor, promote your website/business & help Great Charities!

To Learn More:

I also have been so Proud of my youngest son who attends EMU in Ypsilanti, MI. He graduates soon & hosts his own radio show called Rainbow Sounds every Sunday from 3-5pm/est. So please if your close to your computer go to & listen to him. He has talked about some of the charities I help promote on his show & is such a blessing in my life. He & his partner Rodney are so wonderful. I will be visiting with them for a couple weeks before I head back to San Diego. I am so looking forward to some of Rodneys bbq ribs, LOL. He promised he would cook them for me. My mouth is already watering just thinking about it.

So right now I am in the process of helping my daughter & son-in-law move to CA too. So much to do to help them get rid of things & downsize. The temps in MI have been colder than usual so early in October, so I can't wait to get back to CA. lol.

Well folks that is my blog for today, lol. Yes, I am still looking for work & would be thrilled if I found something that allowed me to help others or co-host a radio show (yes I have done that, lol) or work online doing the things I love. I miss working & loved being an Administrative Assistant.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog. Please feel free to leave me a comment & let me know what you think.

Remember Life is our playground, so enjoy every bit of the ride!

Love & Blessings to all.


  1. Love that you are blogging! Please keep the posts coming and let me know when you have new ones! Your mother will be in my prayers, as will you.

    ~Steve Woods

  2. Love your heart. Your mother will be in our prayers as well ~ what a journey. What a strong woman.
    Thanks for blogging.

  3. Martha, Your mom is a definite fighter and so are you. Our thoughts and prayers are with her. I am so happy to hear of your triumph over a disease that I know from family experience can be brutal.
    And what a beautiful tribute to doing God's work, that of charity. There could be on no less humbling (and needed in the world). We love you dearly. Rick London and Lee Hiller