Sunday, September 25, 2011

My favorites: From Levi's to Movie's, Baby Diapers, Baby wipes & Diets

This blog is going to be interesting. I have decided to write about a variety of favorite things. Starting with my favorite hip hugger Levi jeans to my favorite Baby diapers & baby wipes for my newest grandchild to some movies I've seen recently and yes Diets. lol

So here goes.....

My favorite jeans are Levi's, namely hip huggers. I have had this one pair of Levi hip huggers for quite some time now and they are really showing some major wear... lol. I have repaired these favorite Levi jeans probably way too many times. Now I have lost 32 lbs over the past few months and well they have become too big for me. The main problem with this is, I cannot find the same type of Levi hip huggers, as I am sure they are no longer made, since most products continue to change over time and well I have had this particular pair for a good many year. Now I'm not afraid to change mind you, but when you find something that works, well you just want to stay with it, right?

So now I am on a search for a new pair or two of hip hugger jeans, yeah preferably Levi's... but I guess if I have to go outside the box to find a pair that fits the way I want, I'll have to try several brands. The one thing I hate about shopping is that every different brand of clothing is different as to sizes. Say your a size 14, well some brands a size 14 is now a size 16/18, while another brand is a size 12. .. so sometimes you never know what size you really are. Thats so crazy!!! But with so many fashion changes, it seems that size does matter. You may be a size 10 or 12 and be considered a plus size. That totally makes no sense at all to me. So now that I do not know what size I really am, I will be starting my search soon for a new pair of hip hugger jeans. Levi's or whatever brand that fits right.


I am just gonna jump on in there on the DIETS mode. Since I have lost 32 pounds over the past 4 months. Over the years I have tried a variety of diet types since I turned 42 and well my body has not cooperated with me as to weight issues. lol. I did not start gaining weight til I hit 40, and after that age it got harder to lose. uuggghhhhh. Yep & that sucks.

Yes we all know that diets are different for everyone. So this is just my opinion....

I have tried Slim Fast, Sensa, HCG diet, Atkins and well so on....

My favorite has been overall, SLIM FAST!

The HCG + B12 diet yes has worked as long as you stick to a 500-800 calorie diet. Which is great for a short period of time, but overall you really cannot stick to that without it really affecting your health.

The atkins diet, well I just don't see how someone can stick to a major protein diet.

Ok, then there is the Sensa diet, OMG this was totally the worst diet and most costly diet I have tried, did I say WORST!! just horrible horrible and I lost only 3 pounds in a 3 month period. I have a strong willpower and am able to stick to a diet and resist temptation, but this diet totally did not work at all!!! Now I know that not all diets work for everyone, but definately the Sensa diet was one of the worst & most expensive diets ever. I would never recommend it to anyone EVER!!

Now the Slim Fast diet. I have done once before and it worked, but before trying it again I decided to try some others and well most were flops. The hcg did help me lose some weight and I did like it, but you can only do it so long.... But the Slim Fast diet overall is the most effective.

I am one of those people who totally hate vegetables (unless cooked in stews) I just cannot eat raw veggies, but fruits, I totally love.. well except I cannot have strawberries since I am highly allergic to them. But watermelon, oranges, red grapes, red apples, pineapples I just totally LOVE THEM!!! So Overall the Slim Fast diet wins out for me...


Baby Diapers. My newest grandson is almost 4 months old. We have tried several brands of diapers, but Overall for us, the HUGGIE's little snugglers is #1, then Huggie's snug & dry is right behind it.
So hands down HUGGIE's Diapers are the BESTEST!!

But as for baby wipes, well the very best is PAMPERS thick care. They are the strongest and the very best. We have tried so many kinds and some were too thin, tear, or just plain smell bad. But PAMPER's Thick Care unscented is the BEST!!

NEXT... Recent Movies.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Good Movie, I loved how it showed how the Apes had evolved and became independent. This was a good movie, and very touching in so many ways.

The Green Hornet
This was a good movie, they put it together really well. It was a really good Superhero Action/Comedy.

Just Go with it
I like Adam Sandler, he is good in Romantic Comedies. Jennifer Aniston has also shown herself to do well in Romantic Comedies. This was a pretty good movie.

OK, well first off I am a Big Fan of Bradley Cooper, so I would have seen this movie even if it was a flop. But I think it was a great movie. It really makes you think about the power of drugs on one's body. Who wouldn't want the ability to be a super human. I'd love to be able to do and accomplish all that this drug made a person capable of doing.
This is a Definate MUST SEE!

The Kings Speech
I originally just went to see this movie because of all the hype and well also because of Colin Firth. Then the movie drew me in with its wonderful characters and story of overcoming difficultly no matter who you are.
I will definately buy this movie and it was so deserving of all its awards it received. This movie was well done and Colin Firth again shows what an amazing actor he is.

Source Code
I really did not know what to expect with this movie, and it totally threw me for a loop with its ending. The way it shows us what technology may be capable of. I truly believe that technology has come a long way and I am so amazed at the thought of how far technology may be able to take us.

Water for Elephants
I am a big Reese Witherspoon fan, this was a good movie. The good & bad of the Benzini Circus of 1931. Robert Patterson was better than I thought he would be. Overall a good romantic drama.

Ok this movies is a Great movie. I went in thinking I probably wasn't going to like it much and that all the best parts were probably shown during the commercials, but it is a really funny movie and you will enjoy it.

X-Men: First Class
I wasn't sure how this movie was going to pan out. I basicly went onbly to get a glimpse of the bit part of Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) and it was a bit part. But this movie kept your interest. I love X-Men and I loved the story on how it all began. This was a terrific movie and I so love the story line of how it all started.

Green Lantern
Well first off Ryan Reynolds. lol. I was not sure if he would fit the bill of a superhero. But he played this part well. This is more that just a superhero movie, its got some really good funny parts in it as well.

Captain America: The First Avenger
I though another superhero movie. But it was good, I loved the story line and the Character. Touching and great story. I really was not sure how this movie was going to be done, but its was done well.

Our Idiot Brother
Ok at first I thought this is gonna be one stupid movie. But it was a touching movie. None of us are perfect and all of us see the world in a different way. It was wonderful to see. To me it wasn't an idiot brother, it was someone who just saw things a little differently than the rest of us, and was honest in expressing himself. I Loved this movie, it will make you laugh & make you cry.

Apollo 18
This is one of the WORST movies since the Blair Witch Project movie...
I would not recommend this movie to anyone. Yes some parts make you think, but overall a horrible movie.

I only went to see this movie bacause I am a big baseball fan and I wanted to see if this movie was good. I did not really like the ending much but it was portrayed actually to evnets, so that is what made this movie good. Brad Pitt in this movie reminded me alot of Robert Redford. This was a really good movie.

The Help
I would HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone see this movie. There have been so many changes over the years. There are alot of people who are prejudice against those who are not like them. Grow up people! We are ALL Human. I loved this movie alot. A must see for all.

ok thats it for movies, as everyone knows I am a BIG BIG movie nut and go nearly every weekend, so I could go on forever about movies. Plus having many friends in the movie industry I tend to really study movies and scrutinzie mistakes and bloopers, lol.


So this blog is done for tonight and I go on my search for new jeans soon.. But will hold onto my favorite pair of Levi's even though they have come about as far as they can .... and hope I can find a suitable replacement for them soon... Oh my wonderful pair of Hip Hugger Levi's how you will be missed!

Until Next time my wonderful Friends, Family, Followers and Readers.
May you stay safe and Blessed. Love & Blessings to all.

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